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Precision Pumping Systems



PPS PumpPrecision Pumping Systems is a Boise, Idaho based company specializing in the design and manufacture of packaged pumping systems, pump control panels and remote monitoring and control systems.  Every one of their pump stations and control panels is custom engineered and configured to meet their customers' needs.  Their systems are not mass produced and have ranged from 30 gpm booster stations to 15,000 gpm pump systems. Control panels have ranged from 1/2 hp up to 700 hp.

Forty years of history in the manufacturing of pump systems is backed by their firm committment to customer service, quality products, and customer relations.  The applications for Precision's Pumping Systems range from municipal and industrial pump stations, golf irrigation systems, landscape irrigation, aggricultural irrigation, and custom systems and programming for industrial, municipal, and agricultural applications.  (http://gopps.us/custom-engineered-solutions-2/)

Precision Pumping Systems invites you to visit their comprehensive website (http://gopps.us) to see the quality and range of the products they provide.

  • Agricultural irrigation
  • Custom engineered
  • Golf Irrigation
  • Landscape irrigation
  • Municipal and Industrial Pumps
  • Agricultural Irrigation Systems
  • Custom Engineered Pumping Systems
  • Golf Irrigation Pumping Systems
  • Landscape Irrigation Systems
  • Municipal and Industrial Pumping Systems